What We Believe

Facile Perth CardVision, Mission, Values and Principles

Facile: Independent Facilitation Perth will be guided by our vision and mission and a set of values and principles that emphasize citizenship, rights and responsibilities, self- determination, participation and contribution, importance of family/friends and personal networks, timely and accurate information, decision making, and capacity building.

Our Mission

Facile: Independent Facilitation Perth strengthens individuals and families through person directed planning, facilitation, resource development, building capacity, networking and community development

Our Values

  • Inclusion – a sense of belonging
  • Self-determination – choice and control
  • Community – participation and contribution
  • Meaningful relationships- social networks are critical for health and well being
  • Networks – family to family connections
  • Individualized funding – portable, flexible funding
  • Independent facilitation – separate from residential, day programs, application and allocation
  • Collaboration –partnerships and working together

Principles that guide our work

Principle # 1
The power of decision-making about the person’s life and supports rests primarily with the individual and includes people who they love and trust

Principle # 2
The family/friends of the person is recognized and supported in decision making.

Principle #3
Community is seen as a first resort in building a good life

Principle #4
Building on people’s dreams, strengths, and gift guides and supports a good life

Principle #5
Planning support is independent from direct service provision, and provides ongoing facilitation to individuals & families

Principle #6
Relationships and Networks of people are intentionally built so that they are supportive, connected, & empowering

Principle #7
Funding for support is individualized and portable

Principle #8
Autonomous peer groups and family networks educate, empower, & advocate

Principle #9
Collaboration builds capacity and enhances problem-solving

Principle #10
Social innovation inspires creativity, learning, and broad change.


Facile Perth was started by people with disabilities, families, Parents in Perth and agencies in Perth County, Ontario. Over the last few years we felt that people should have the option to have independent facilitation help to plan for what they want and need in their lives. We worked together to create Facile.

Our Board of Directors is made up of people who are committed to independent facilitation and planning. We have strong beliefs about how important it is to listen to people about what they want.

Facile is a member of the Ontario Independent Facilitation Network.

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