The Independent Facilitators

Emily Branje

Managing Director and Independent Facilitator


Hello my name is Emily Branje and I am the Managing Director of Facile Perth. I grew up in Perth and Huron counties before moving away to go to University. I have lived in the United Kingdom, Kingston, and Toronto and in 2020 I returned home to the community I am most passionate about. 

My passion for this work is rooted in my personal relationships to people who have a disability and my desire to see people live meaningful lives firmly rooted in community. 

For the past 16 years, I have been an active member of the inclusion movement working in Community Development roles at the local, provincial and national levels. I have primarily worked with youth, families and survivors of institutions. I believe that community connection  and reciprocal relationships are the beating heart of a good life. 

I am eager to work with people, their families, organizations and community neighborhoods who think creatively to implement strategies that are sustainable and that protect the right for people with a disability to live a dignified life that is grounded in choice and self-determination. 

Mirjam Schut

Independent Facilitator



My name is Mirjam Schut and I’m an Independent Facilitator for Facile Perth.
I grew up in The Netherlands and received my bachelor degree in Social Work and worked as a social worker until I moved to Canada in 2010.

My motto is: “Reach for the stars”. By reaching for the stars I have helped people to go after their dreams. I believe in looking at possibilities , looking at peoples strengths, passions and gifts.
Dreaming, looking at opportunities and having high expectations is often new for people I work with, but one that has been proven to be successful.
I’m honoured to walk alongside someone’s journey, to explore what their dreams are, to follow their lead, and to see them grow and achieve their goals.
What can be more beautiful than helping someone live the life they want?

I’m a creative, resourceful and an out of the box thinker. I don’t give up and I look at the community as a first resource. I strongly believe society is going to  be a better place if everyone can be seen for the gifts they bring and through my work as a facilitator I hope to contribute.

Knocking on closed doors until they open, being an advocate for people and helping them to become their own advocate and see their confidence grow is a very rewarding part of my job.
Seeing someone flourish in their own home, in their job, volunteer or by having more relationships in their lives is what life is about and why I love this work.

I thoroughly enjoy being the Facilitator for Facile Perth and leading the organization for a few years was a wonderful and rewarding experience. I look forward to continue to work together with families, service providers and the different communities. 


Nichole Everitt

Independent Facilitator


Bio coming soon