Our Board

Wolfgang Struss, President of Facile Perth

Wolfgang is also the past executive director of Community Living St. Marys. He supports Independent Facilitation as a way for people to enhance self-determination and choice in their lives.

Kathleen Gifford, Vice chair and Treasurer

Nichola Taylor, Secretary 

Jean Misener, Director

Jean is a parent member. She is the past president of Facile Perth Board of Directors. She is considered to be a pioneer for Independent Facilitation in Perth County. Her son has benefited from having an Independent Facilitator over a number of years.Jean holds the position of Tresurer.

Joe Lambert, Director

Joe is a People First member. As co-president of People First St. Marys/Stratford, Joe has seen his friend come home from an institution with the help of a facilitator.

Michael Smith, Director

Mary Muir, Director

Mary is a parent member. She has been an ambassador for the idea of Independent Facilitation. Her daughter had an Independent Facilitator to assist her through a period of transition.