Our Board

Wolfgang Struss, Acting President

Wolfgang is the past executive director of Community Living St. Marys. He supports Independent Facilitation as a way for people to enhance self-determination and choice in their lives. Wolfgang is also our contact person in case of any complaints.

Nichola Taylor, Secretary 

Nichola worked as an independent facilitator for Facile Perth and currently works as a social worker for a local health team. She is a strong believer of independent facilitation and believes it can be very useful outside of developmental services in helping people connect to their communities, fight loneliness and isolation. 

Jean Misener, Director

Jean is a parent member. She is the past president of Facile Perth Board of Directors. She is considered to be a pioneer for Independent Facilitation in Perth County. Her son has benefited from having an Independent Facilitator over a number of years.Jean holds the position of Tresurer.

Joe Lambert, Director

Joe is a People First member. As co-president of People First St. Marys/Stratford, Joe makes sure their voice is included in our board meetings. Joe and his wife has have experienced independent facilitation themselves.

Amy Armstrong, Director

Amy is a parent member and has joined our board in 2020. Her son receives facilitation and planning to help him transition from high school to life after high school while also moving to a new community. 

Vicky Wolfe Hinz, Director

Vicky is a parent member. Her son McKenzie has an Independent Facilitator who has helped him transition from high school to adulthood.

Martin Ritsma, Director

Martin is a retired high school principal and is a very active member in the Stratford community. Through his work as a high school principal he has seen the importance of inclusion and the importance of transition planning for those leaving the school system.