Complaint procedure

Facile Perth is committed to providing service in a manner which respects the individual’s dignity and provides the best possible care, welfare, safety and security. Facile Perth has contracted self-employed independent facilitators to provide independent facilitation and person directed planning.

Facile Perth is committed to being a responsive agency, meeting the needs of the individuals we support, those acting on their behalf and the general public.

The self-employed Independent Facilitators will ensure that all individuals receiving support are aware of their right to express concerns or complaints about any of their services and to see remedy.

A person has the right to expect whatever assistance is required to forward a concern/complaint including the right to seek outside help with the assistance of an employee, family member or friend.

Your concern/complaint is important to us, it will be respected and taken seriously.

How to file a complaint:

 Step 1
Attempt to resolve your concern/ complaint with the person directly involved.

 Step 2
If you are not satisfied with the outcome of step 1 we encourage you to email Wolfgang Struss at

Please include your name, contact info and your complaint. He will contact you within 7 working days and discuss the matter and look for a satisfactory resolution.