What We Do

Facile Perth assists people with disabilities and their families in Perth and Huron Counties to plan for and build a good life in community. That means a life rich in people and places.

We offer independent facilitation and planning to citizens of our area.

We focus on facilitation and person-directed planning. This includes supporting people in self determination, network development and participating and contributing to their communities.

We make sure people have information they need to build a good life in their community including what supports are needed.

We have strong beliefs about how important it is to listen to people about what they want. We also know that it takes action, as well as listening, to work with people to build a good life in community.

We also know how important it is to work with our communities to become welcoming places. And Facile is committed to consulting with family and self-advocacy groups. We believe they are a rich resource to Facile as we grow.